EasyPDF Editor

EasyPDF Editor is a free PDF Editing Tool for Android and iPhones. It is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Now you can create and edit PDF files easily using your mobile phone free of cost. Our PDF Editor Apps allow all users to access all premium tools free of charge and no extra in-app purchases here in any of our applications. Our PDF Editor Android App comes with 25+ features to edit the file anyhow you want. And our PDF Editor for iOS comes with 7+ premium features and all free of cost.

Download the PDF Editor app for Android

To use it on Android phones, you need to fulfill some basic requirements, like having an Android device running on Android OS 11 or later with an internet connection.

  1. Now first turn on the phone and open Google Play Store.
  2. Search for the app “Easy PDF Editor.”
  3. Then look for the official “EasyPDF Editor” app with the publisher name “HR Web Solution.”
  4. Now click on the Install button.
  5. After that, the app will be downloaded and installed on your Android device.
  6. Now open the app and allow the required features like access to the file manager, gallery, etc.
  7. These functions are required to run the app smoothly with all tools and functionality.

Features in PDF Editor Android App

In our Easy PDF Editor app for Android phones, you will get 25+ tools. When dealing with a PDF file, these tools will make your daily life easy and relaxing. It’s a complete A to Z store for pdf editing work.

Here is the list of tools and functions in our Android App.

  • Image to PDF – In the Easy PDF editor free app, you can easily select pictures from your gallery and create a PDF file. Also, you can change the picture sequence if you want. First, click all the images you want in your PDF, go to our app, and select “Image to PDF.” It is effortless to use.
  • Text to PDF – Now, a new impressive feature comes to light here. You must download the Easy PDF Editor app for Android to create a PDF file from the text file. And it opens the app, then clicks on the tool to create “Text to PDF.” Then it will allow you to select your text file and click the Create pdf button. Your PDF file is ready to use or share with anyone.
  • QR and Barcodes to PDF – You can quickly scan QR and Barcodes for data and store them properly in PDF files with our Free EasyPDF Editor app. Opening the Android app allows you to create a PDF file using QR and Barcode scans.
  • Excel to PDF – Now convert your MS Excel File into a PDF file using our PDF Editing tools available for Android and iOS Devices, including iPhones and iPads.
  • Add Password on PDF File – Encrypting a PDF file is best if you send some essential or confidential details to someone. To add a password, open the Easy PDF Editor app and click on the “Add Password” tool from the list of functions on the homepage screen. Then it will ask you to choose the PDF file you want to secure with a password. Or it will give you another option to create and connect a new PDF file with a password. You can choose the file and click on add password; now, enter your desired password and click the Save button. Now your PDF file is saved with a password then you joined. You can now use the file as you want.
  • Rotate pages in PDF File – Suppose you already have a PDF file that someone shared with you or you created, but now some pages are in the wrong orientation. So, now you can rotate the direction of any page in a PDF file using Easy PDF Editor App for free. Just click on the “Rotate Pages” tab on the homepage screen. Now it will ask you to select your PDF file and then select the page inside the PDF file where you need to change the orientation. Now rotate the page clockwise or anticlockwise as you want. Then click the Save button to save all the changes in this file.
  • Add Watermark in PDF File – Now, adding a watermark in PDF is super easy with the help of our excellent PDF Editor free app. Download it from the Google Play store for Android phones and open the app. Here you will see the “Add Watermark” option in the homepage tools list. After that, it will ask you to choose the PDF file and then add the watermark text, and it also gives the option to select font family, font size, color, opacity, etc. features. Then click on the save button, and congratulations, the watermark is added successfully on all pages of your PDF file.
  • Add Images in a PDF File – Now, adding external images in a PDF file is possible with the EasyPDF Editor app. Just choose the tool from the homepage menu list. After that, it will ask you to select the PDF file and the page where you want to add images. Then choose the pictures that you want to insert. Now click on the save button. Here your final file is ready. You can use it or share it as you wish.
  • Merge PDF Files – If you want to add two or more PDF files to create one PDF file, then you are in the right place. Open our PDF Editor tool and choose the “Merge PDF” option. Now you need to select two or more two files to merge. Also, here you can choose the sequence of the PDF files when joining. Then click the Save button, and your new merged file will be ready.
  • Split PDF File – Splitting a PDF file into pieces is required nowadays. Mainly when you collect data from different PDF files, we need to remove the unwanted pages for a PDF. Here our impressive feature of Splitting PDF files comes into action. Here select the file on which you want to perform the operations. Now choose the page or breaking point from where you want to split the PDF into pieces. Then click on the Save button.
  • Compress PDF File – The only problem with handling PDF files is their size. If you create a PDF with multiple text or images inside, then there are possibilities that your PDF file is high in size. Now compress PDF files easily with our PDF Editor tool app for free. You need to select the PDF file and enter your required compressions percentage. And it will try to minimize your PDF file size as much as possible.
  • Remove pages from PDF files – Suppose you download a PDF file from an unknown source or borrow any project PDF file from your friends or colleagues. Now the most required thing is to remove some of the pages from that file. Need not worry; our PDF Editor Android app will help you here. It can remove any page from a PDF file in a few clicks. It’s a free-to-use app.
  • Invert PDF File online – Use EasyPDF Editor to invert PDF file online. Open the app and select the PDF inverting tool. Select the file that you want to invert in the page sequence. Now click Create PDF, then enter the new name for the PDF file. Congratulations, your file is now inverted as a new PDF file. Go to the files tab in the menu bar and select the file to open or share with anyone on any file-sharing platform.

Features in PDF Editor iOS App

Our PDF editing tools app is available for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. It is available on iOS App Store for free to download and free to use all features inside the app. No extra in-app purchases etc. Use all premium features free of cost.

To download the Easy PDF Editor app for iOS devices, go to App Store. Search for “Easy PDF Editor.” The first option with the original publisher name, i.e., “HR Web Solution,” is our simple app. Click on the Install button. Now the best PDF Editing tool is ready to use on your device. Click on the open button and allow basic required settings like allowing camera access. And also enable photos folder access. Now your data is stored with the app publisher. These settings are only needed to enable all features in the PDF Editor.

Here all the created PDF and JPEG files are stored in the app only, and you can go to the History tab to access any of your files.

Here is the list of tools that are available in our iOS app –

  • Scan to PDF – In our iOS version of the PDF Editor App, and you can scan your documents to create PDF Files. It also gives you an intelligent cropping feature. This automatically captures the page area only, and you can also manually set the corners on the document. After that, it will ask you to give the file’s name. Otherwise, it will auto-generate it. And then save the file in the app. You get a share button on the left swipe to share the file with anyone you want.
  • Scan to JPEG – In iOS devices. The default camera clicks the picture in HEIC format, which is not accessible on all devices. So if you share that with someone whom this extension is not supporting, it creates an unhealthy experience. But with our EasyPDF Editor app for IOS, you can generate Scan to JPEG files. Also, there you can give a file name there, which will also be saved in app files only. From there, you can swipe left on the file name and get two options: share and delete.
  • Password Protect PDF files – In our good PDF Editor app for iOS devices, you can password-protect your PDF files. You need to open the app, go to Generate PDF, and then first. You have to click on select images. Now you have two options: select pictures from the gallery and then create PDF, or choose a Camera to scan and create a PDF. After selecting images, click on the “Password Protect” tool from the list below. Now enter your desired password. Click on Create PDF from the above tab. Then it will ask you for the file name if you want to join. Then click on the Save button. Now your newly created PDF file is password protected. You can access it from the History tab in the app.