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Do anything with your PDF file like Split, Merge, Password protect, add Watermark, Compress, extract text or images, add pages or text or images.

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Combine, Split, Compress and 25+ more tools
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Easy PDF Editor Android app allows all users to edit their PDF files and become more creative. It supports 25+ tools for PDF editing in daily life. And this free PDF editor is to make your life super easy.

How to edit PDFs easily

Easy PDF Editor makes everything easy to handle in any PDF file. You can perform 25+ editing functions in your PDF file using this excellent simple PDF editor Android app. Number #1 PDF file editor for everyone, including students, teachers, corporate employees, etc.

Compress PDF File

Compress PDF files with Easy PDF Editor within a few seconds. You can now upload your file and set up the compression percentage you want. And you will get a new file within a few seconds. Now you can share this new compressed PDF file or save it anywhere you want.

Add Password in PDF file

Adding a Password in a PDF file is fast now with our Easy PDF Editor. Open the app, click the “Add Password” button, select your file, and enter the desired password. Now click on create a password. It will give you a new password-protected PDF file to save or share.

Merge two or more PDF files

Sometimes we have two or multiple PDF files, and we need to merge or combine them to make them a single file. Easy PDF Editor gives you a one-click feature to Merge or Combine PDF files into one file.

Split PDF files

Splitting PDF files is also a requirement for people working with multiple PDF files daily. You might need to split files into two or more parts per requirement. Easy PDF Editor Android app will split PDF files in a single click.

Add Watermark in PDF file

Now add Watermark in PDF files with Easy PDF Editor. You can add Text or Image watermarks. Your watermark will always be visible in the PDF if anyone uses that. This will make your created work copyrighted and gives credit.

Add image/text in PDF file

Most of the time, people download the relevant PDF files from the internet and then make changes to them according to requirements. So our PDF Editor Android App gives freedom to add images or text to your PDF files.

Remove Duplicate Pages in the PDF file

Usually, people convert PDF files into raw Word or any other format and manually remove the same repeated pages. But that is so time-consuming. Now remove duplicate pages in PDF files with PDF Editor App.

Reorder or Rearrange pages in PDF file

When you create a PDF file but realize that you mistakenly put pages in the wrong order, you don’t have any choice but to make a new PDF again. But now, with Easy PDF Editor, reorder or rearrange Pages in PDF files.

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Excellent app, easy to use.
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Ramchander ShekhawatAndroid User

Wow, fantastic pdf editor; it gives all editing features in one app and is easy to use. Recommended to all users.

Pooja YadavAndroid User

Nyc app…… Easy to use 👏 Very time-saving application. Everyone should try this app. Recommended

Aman BeniwalAndroid User

Best app for pdf editing on Play Store. It gives unlimited pdf editing options that make daily life easy in free of cost.

Harish yadavAndroid User

This is precisely what I was looking for. All features in one app. Scan, merge, compress, split, password, etc…

Krishu0035Android User

You must download the app for every Android user. Gives the best PDF editing features free of cost and less number of ads.

Pradeep0011Android User

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Easy PDF Editor is in the best interest of editing any PDF file you want. And we are continuously adding more and more features to it to make it best for handling PDF files. Download our Android App now, and soon you will be able to download and use our iOS app. Our team is also working hard to give you an Easy PDF editing experience on the browser. So get ready to create or edit your PDF on laptops, also.