Add Custom Images in a PDF file

If you want to add custom images to a PDF file, use the Easy PDF editor. It is an app available for free download from the play store. It can be used for many things and is the ultimate point solution for all pdf-related issues. Users can also use this app to convert images to pdf, text to pdf excels to pdf, etc. They could also use this app to create PDFs from QR and barcodes. It can be used to enhance existing PDF files as well.

Also, there are many options for enhancement in the app. People can use this to add passwords, text, watermark, and rotate images. This app can also be unitized to merge two or more pdf files and split files. The app can also be used to invert existing pdf files. If the pdf file is heavy, use this app to compress the same.

Add Custom Images in a PDF file

If you want to remove pages from the current pdf, use this app. You can use this app if you re-order the pages in the existing pdf. The app can also be used to extract images from the pdf. It can also be used to convert the pdf to images.

Add images in PDF with Easy PDF Editor

Today we will explain how to add custom images to the pdf file using this app. Firstly the user would need to download this app from the play store. After that, they need to open the app and click on the “Images to PDF“ option under the “Create New PDF” option. After this, the user needs to click on “Select Images.”

Post this; users must select the images they want to put in the pdf. Below this button, additional options are provided to edit, compress, and filter the image. The user can set the page size and the image scale type. After that, click on “Create PDF.” Users can then view the created file.

The entire procedure is super quick and simple and would only take a few minutes.

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