How to change Font Style, Color, and Size in a PDF file?

Change Font Style, Color, and Size in a PDF file

Have you ever wanted to change a PDF file’s font style, color, and size? I have wanted to change during my schooling and college, but it was very time-consuming. Today I am going to explain how to do the same. You have to download and use “Easy PDF editor.” Through this, you will be able to do the above things. I will explain the steps in detail to you. Please see the below grades and kindly follow the same.

Step1- First, the user must download “Easy PDF editor” from the Play store.

Step 2- Once the app is downloaded, install the same on your mobile phone.

Step 3- The user needs to open the app once the installation is complete.

Step 4- Go to the top left portion after opening the app. You will notice a “+” sign there. Click on the same.

Step 5- A drop-down menu will be displayed. Click on the “Text to PDF” option from the same.

Step 6- Click on “Select Text File.”

Step 7- After that, select the desired text.

Step 8- After that, click on Font color and choose the desired font color.

Step 9- Click on Done after that.

Step 10- Click on Font Family.

Step 11- Then select the required Font Type and click on Done.

Step 12- Then click on Font size.

Step 13- After that, select the desired Font size.

Step 14- Click on “Ok” after that.

Step 15-Click on the “Create PDF” option.

Step 16- After that, you will get a display message that the file has been created.

Step 17- Click on View File.

Step 18- The user can click on the view file and verify the same.

I have not seen any app or website that has fixed this problem with the ease of “Easy PDF Editor.” The entire process is easy, quick, and hardly takes a few minutes. This app is a one–point solution to all the problems I can associate with the PDF.

I suggest everyone download this app from the play store and try it.

Download the Easy PDF Editor App

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