How to change the Page color in a PDF file?

Change the Page color in a PDF file

Have you ever wanted to change the page color in the PDF file? Many of us would have encountered this requirement sometime in our schooling or college life. Today I will be explaining the way to get it done. One can get this done relatively quickly through an app called “Easy PDF Editor.” Let me explain the process in depth to you. Please see the below steps and follow same: –

Step 1- First, the user needs to go to the play store and download “Easy PDF Editor.”

Step 2- The user needs to install the app once downloaded from the Play Store.

Step 3- Open the app once the download is complete.

Step 4- Click on the “+” sign in the top left portion.

Step 5- Click on the “Create PDF” option.

Step 6- Sometimes, you will be shown an advertisement. It is up to you if you want to watch it or not. You can skip the ad, also.

Step 7- Then click on the “Select image” option.

Step 8- Select the desired image and click on done.

Step 9- After that, click on the “page color“ option under the “Additional options.“

Step 10- Select the color and then save it.

Step 11- Then click on the “Create PDF” option.

Step 12- A message displayed that “PDF is created.”

Step 13- Use can click on view file to verify the same.

The entire process is quick, fast, and straightforward. It will hardly take a few minutes to complete the whole process. Everybody can do it from all ages. It can be used everywhere. I had never seen an app or website earlier that solved this problem with the ease of “Easy PDF Editor.“

It is a one-point solution to all the issues one can associate with PDF. Go to the play store, download the same, and give it a try. I am pretty sure that you would like it.

The app is a keeper for me. Once you start using it, you will not uninstall it, that’s for sure.

Download the Easy PDF Editor App

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