Compress images in PDF files

Did you know that you can compress images into PDF files from your mobile? Have you guys ever wanted to compress images in PDF? From now on, I will teach you how to do it easily from your mobile sitting at the time. Today I will explain in detail how you have to get it done.

People can get this fairly quickly through an app called “Easy PDF Editor.” I am going to explain the process in depth to you. Please see below list of steps and follow the same: –

Step 1- To begin with, users need to go to the play store and download “Easy PDF Editor.”

Step 2- Once the app is downloaded, users must install it on their mobile phones.

Step 3- Once the installation is done, they need to open the app.

Step 4- After that, they need to click on “+” in the top left portion.

Step 5- Post that they need to click on the “Create PDF” option from the list.

Step 6- The user must click on “Select Images.”

Step 7- The user then needs to select the desired image.

Step 8- After that, they need to click on “Image Compression: %

Step 9- After that, a dialog box will appear where the user needs the compression percentage. They also have the option to set a default compression percentage.

For that, they need to tick “Set as default.“ After entering the rate, they need to click on ok.

Step 10- They need to click on “Create PDF.”

Step 11- A dialog box will appear where we have to enter the file name.

Step 12- Once the file name is entered, click on ok.

Step 13- Then, the pdf file will be created.

Step 14- The user will get a display message mentioning that.

Step 15- They can click on the view file to see if the needful is done.

I have never encountered any app that has worked on a similar module, making the life of all users very easy. The entire process is quick and fast. I suggest you download this app from the play store and try it. You will be amazed at the results.

Download the Easy PDF Editor App

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