Convert a Zip into a PDF file

Have you ever wanted to convert a zip file to a pdf file? Now you can do it easily from your mobile sitting at home. Converting a zip file to a pdf file is quite tricky. You need to download WinZip or WinRAR just to compress or extract the pdf file.

I suggest you try out the Easy PDF Editor, which not only the service that WinZip or WinRAR gives but also adds additional features and options along with the same. Today I will be explaining the way to get it done. Please see the below list of steps: –

Step 1-Firstly go to the play store and download “Easy PDF Editor.”

Step 2- Please open the app when the installation is complete.

Step 3- Click on the “+” sign in the left corner.

Step 4-Scroll down to “More Options.”

Step 5-Select the “Zip to pdf “option.

Step 6-Click on “Select a File.”

Step 7- Then select a file and click on “Create a PDF.”

Step 8- After that, you will see a message that a pdf is created.

Step 9- After that, open the file, and then the user can check if everything is okay.

 Convert a Zip into a PDF file

This entire process would be quick, fast, and simple and is pretty easy for everyone. Easy PDF Editor app can be used by everyone and can be used everywhere, whether in colleges, schools, and offices. In an earlier time, this was not that people would rely on win rar or win zip. They would need to use the win zip or win rar application and would have to extract the file.

But with this app, users can convert the time through their mobile phone sitting anywhere. It can also be seen as a one-point solution for all the problems one can face while working or dealing with PDFs. This app is multifaceted and can do multiple things like converting files from image to pdf, text to pdf, and excel to pdf.

I suggest you download the app from the play store and give the app a try. From my experience, I can safely say that this app is a keeper.

Download the Easy PDF Editor App

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