Extract Text from a PDF file

Have you guys ever wanted to extract text from pdf file? Now you can do it easily from your mobile sitting at home. Today I am going to explain the way to get it done. You can get this done very quickly through an app called “Easy pdf editor.“

I will explain the process in detail to you. Please see the below list of steps and follow same:

Step 1- To begin with user need to go to the play store and download “Easy PDF Editor.”

Step 2- They need to install the app on their mobile phone.

Step 3- Once the installation is complete, then they need to open the app.

Step 4- When the app is opened, they need to click on the “+” sign in the top left corner.

Step 5- The user then needs to scroll down and go to the “More options” tab.

Step 6- The user must click on “Extract Text.”

Step 7- They need to click on the “Select PDF file “option.

Step 8- After that “Extract file “option will appear.

Step 9- The user needs to click on that option.

Step 10- The user needs to enter the file name.

Step 11- Then the needful would be done. The user can then cross-check the same.

Extract Text from a PDF file

As you can see above, the entire process is quick, fast, and straightforward. It can be used everywhere, whether in colleges, schools, or offices. In earlier times, these things were difficult, but now by using this app, everybody of any age can get this done sitting anywhere. It is super convenient.

This app can also be seen as a point solution for all the problems one can face while working or dealing with PDFs. I have not seen an app before that can be used to extract text from pdf. The app is very well-built and very user-friendly.

I suggest you go to the play store, download the app, and try it. I am very sure you will like it as it is a keeper. Just give it a try.

Download the Easy PDF Editor App

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