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Easy PDF Editor is the best PDF Editor Android App on the internet. It is available on Google Play Store, Mi GetApps Store, and Oppo app store. Everyone needs PDF Scanner and PDF editor in day-to-day life. And having a free Android app is the best thing. A few simple PDF tools are available on both Google Play Store for Android devices and on iOS App Store for iPhones and iPads.

Our PDF Editor app for Android is versatile and user-friendly, which justifies its name as Easy PDF Editor. It is available in 14+ languages and available on Global Android stores. Now you can edit or create PDF files in your language. Here we can discuss the tools and features available on Easy PDF Editor free Android App.

This PDF Editor app supports multiple language so that it will be easy to use in user’s native language.

  1. English language
  2. Hindi (India)
  3. German language (Deutsch)
  4. French language (Francais)
  5. Spanish language (Espanol)
  6. Vietnamese language (Tieng Viet)
  7. Chinease language
  8. Netherlands language (Dutch)
  9. Afrikaans language

And much more languages supported.

Download Easy PDF Editor Android App

easy pdf editor
easy pdf editor android app

Easy PDF Editor mobile App features –

  • Add Password in PDF File

Now adding passwords in pdf files is super easy and free of cost. You just need to download the Easy PDF Editor Android app from Google Play Store or any other supported Android app store. Then, choose the “Add Password in PDF” option, which will ask you to select your PDF file. After that it will ask you to enter your desired password. Then click on the save option. Congratulations, your PDF is not password protected with the help of our Easy PDF Editor Android App.

  • Add Custom text in the PDF

Suppose you have an already created or downloaded PDF file, and then you need to add more text to that file. It will be easier to add custom text in the pdf file of any page if you are using our Easy PDF Editor App on your mobile.

You must select the “Add Custom Text in PDF” option. Then it will ask you to choose your PDF file using the PDF button. Now select the place where you want to add custom text. Also, you can scroll the page where you want to edit. There you find two options, the horizontal and vertical scroll, on the top of the page.

  • Rotate pages of PDF

When you create a PDF file from images or download that from the internet. Then you find that some of the pages are in a different orientations and now need to change the orientation to align them all in one direction. Rotating pages in PDF will become easier with this PDF Editor mobile app. Here it gives direct one click option to fix this.

Select the Rotate pages option from the list. After that it will ask you to choose the PDF file in which you want to change the pages orientation. After that go the required page, then click on the orientation button i.e. clockwise or anti-clockwise. Set the page layout according to you and click on save button.

  • Add Watermark in PDF file

Now this new tool makes Easy PDF Editor Android App more interesting. Everytime you create or download a PDF file from internet and then you submit it as your completed task and want it will show your credits. So you need to add watermark in PDF file. The watermark can be anything like in form of text or your company logo for professional use etc.

Our PDF editor makes it simple. You just need to choose the “Add watermark” option from the list of tools. Then it will ask you to select the file in which you want to make changes i.e. watermark. Then you need to enter your custom watermark like text or images. Also, you can edit your transparency, font size, image size, positioning etc. Then just click on save option and now you can share that file easily by visiting “Your Files” section via menu bar.

  • Add Custom images in PDF

Adding custom images and text is a day to day routine task for people in corporate life and students too. Your life will be easy if you have Easy PDF Editor Android App. Because it makes everything simple and free of cost. Just select the option “Add Custom Images” from the bunch of tools in the android app. And select your file and add images directly where you want.

It doesn’t requires any time for surfing or loading the pdf file. And also saves the file instantly. But make sure to get your completed file from “View Files” section. Also, you will get bunch of options when you click on the file name from view files tab including “Share file”, “Rename file” etc etc.

  • Merge PDF files

Adding two or more PDF files to create a new PDF is a whole new features in this PDF Editor app. It will make your life easy and happening. As you can create different PDF topic or category wise. Or you can search and download PDF on topic basis and then you can aggregate them all in one PDF by using our Easy PDF editor app for Android.

Here it will ask you to select the files. Then you can choose the sequence of the files. Here you can select files serial number i.e. one by one. Then just click on on save and congratulations, your newly merged PDF file is ready to use. Share your file anywhere easily but choosing the sharing button from the list.

  • Split PDF Files

When creating a new PDF file but taking help from external PDFs that you downloaded from internet or get emailed from a friend. But now the issue is that you need to split the PDFs to then aggregate them. Here you can take help from our PDF Editor app.

Just simply click on the “Split PDF” option in the list of app tools on homepage or menu bar. Then just click on “Select PDF” file. After that choose the page from where you want to split the PDF into two parts. Now just click on save and congratulations, your new splited PDF is saved in the PDF directly in your file manager.

Access the new created file in “View Files” via Menu bar in the app.

  • Compress PDF file

Compressing a PDF file is the most required feature for PDFs. Every person needs this feature as when they create any PDF then it will be of high storage. And when they need to share it via Email or WhatsApp then it asks for limited file size allowed. Then it is required to Compress a PDF file.

Just go to Easy PDF Editor home page, click on “Compress PDF” tab. Then select the PDF file you want to compress. After that click on “Compress” button. It will ask you for the percentage of compression. Give appropriate data in numbers so that PDF file will be compressed and not loose the quality.

Now click on the save button and your file is compressed successfully. Now check your file in “View Files” tab from menu bar.

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