How to Re-Order or Rearrange pages in a PDF file?

ReOrder or Rearrange pages in a PDF

Have you ever faced a situation where you want to reorder or rearrange pages in a PDF? Now you would be able to do it easily from your mobile sitting at home. Today I will be explaining to you the way to get it done.

Step 1- Go to the play store and download “Easy PDF Editor.”

Step 2- When the installation is completed, then open the App.

Step 3- Scroll down to “More Options.”

Step 4- Click on “Reorder Pages” under the “More Options.

Step 5- Then click on “Select a file.“

Step 6- Then, the user would need to select the desired file in which you want to reorder the pages.

Step 7- Then the user needs to click on “Create PDF.”

Step 8- Then open the “file.“

Step 9- The user can see the “X” button on every page. They need to click the “X” button on the pages where they want to reorder. Users then need to reorder as per requirement.

Step 10- After that, click on the “X” button. A dialog box will be displayed in which the App will ask for our confirmation that you want to reorder in the pdf.

Step 11-Then, the page would be reordered. Users can then view the pdf and verify that the page will be re-ordered.

Re-Order or Rearrange pages in a PDF

The whole process is quick, fast, simple, and easily accessible for everyone. The App can be used by everyone and can be used everywhere, whether in colleges, schools, or offices. In earlier times, people would have had to re-scan the pages as per the desired order.

Now they don’t need to do that and can quickly solve their problem using this App. It can be said that it is a one–point solution for all of the issues that one can face while working or dealing with PDFs. The App can be used for multiple tasks like converting files from image to pdf, text to pdf, excel to pdf, and creating PDFs from QR and barcode.

I suggest you download the App from the play store and try it. I am pretty sure you would like it.

Download the Easy PDF Editor App

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